Our Vision
The 'BORA Ecosystem Fund' (BEF) aims to promote the growth of the BORA ecosystem, and will focus on investing in various applications necessary to strengthen the ecosystem of the BORA platform and its global expansion. BEF will also seek strategic investment opportunities for web 3.0 content having the potential to drive mass adoption.

Korea being globally recognized as a power player in game development as well as a hub for entertainment, creative and artistic talent all runs parallel to demand for Web3 gaming and NFTs. With BORA backed by numerous traditional game experts, BEF is perfectly positioned to bridge the connection between web2 and web3 through progressive innovation.

In addition, Widus Partners with a strong presence in Asia and US, will expand and extend the reach of the BEF by connecting global pools of developers/projects which will be a special part of the BORA ecosystem.
Widus Partners
Widus Partners is a global investment and advisory firm founded in 2010 and has been directly investing and advising domestic and overseas startups and blockchain projects that have potential for global expansion with an extensive strategic co-investor and project pipeline network. Widus has presence in Seoul, Hong Kong and Singapore and is licensed under their respective financial regulatory bodies.

Composed of professionals from global law firms, private equity funds, investment banks, and strategy consulting firms, Widus is one of the premier private dealmakers with a strong reputation and track record for executing transformative deals, bridging markets and building long-term relationships. Website


  • Me3 is a wallet and infrastructure solutions that are part of Play3 EVOSVERSE, a major investment and commercial partner of Southeast Asia's largest esports brand, EVOS.

  • Million on Mars is an MMO open sandbox city-builder on an in-game Mars terrain created from NASA/JPL topographical data, and already recording 10k DAU with high retention rates.

  • HAVAH is a specialized multi side chain which offers an interoperable asset bridge, that consolidates all the external Assets in one platform led by “WEB3 SOLUTIONS”, “ICONLOOP” and “2bytes”.

  • PLAY3 is a web3 rewarded ads network utilizing self sovereign identities, created by EVOS, one of the largest e-sports gaming platforms across Southeast Asia.

  • DWG Guild is the first gaming DAO partnered with an e-sports champion team, DWG KIA (Damwon Gaming), building a blockchain-based e-sports arena where every participant can have fun and rewards.

  • Skyark is a (Singapore-based) global game and blockchain ecosystem builder, leading the O2O (online and offline)-based next-generation sandbox-type metaverse projects.